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Write down the 4 challenges (at most) that you think Barcelona will face by 2021. 
As you may know, the best 4 challenges will be selected for the next round, based on objective criteria. 
These 4 challenges will be the ones that will have to be solved (4 solutions) in the final event thus originating 4 potential projects that will ultimately become real start-ups.

Let's first quickly classify your proposals:

* Please choose only one option for your first challenge, if you have other challenges you will be able to classify and explain it on the next section. YOU HAVE TO DESCRIBE AT LEAST ONE CHALLENGE AND AT MOST 4.

Yes, we also think most of the future challenges are {{answer_44351761}} related. Now, could you briefly explain it? (max. 100 words) *

Thank you for sharing it! :) Do you have a second challenge? First classify it:

If you don't have a second challenge you don't need to answer this question.

Let's now describe the second one shortly (max. 100 words)

If you have a third challenge in mind don't hesitate to explain it but first could you classify it?

If you don't have a third challenge you don't have to answer

Now, explain here the third challenge:
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Do you have a fourth challenge? Please classify it

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Finally, could you explain us the last challenge? (max. 100 words)

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